DAVE came by at 3pm to pick up the girls and drop us off at JFK. chloe had no reservations about jumping into the car with dave, but gabby resisted and tried to run away. that girl is so difficult.

we were running around all morning trying to pack and get our things together. among our clothes, cameras and electronics, jon managed to pack a pharmacy:

  • malarone
  • nexium
  • aleve
  • zofran
  • dramamine
  • augmentin
  • excedrin migrane
  • airborne
  • claritin
  • benedryl*
  • ciprofloxacine*
  • imodium*
  • vicks vapor inhaler*
  • clear eyes*
  • several bags of saline*
  • angio catheter*
  • suture kits*

* we didn’t use any of these. jon’s bag was only 30lbs and mine was 25lbs, but we still packed way more clothes then needed.

our flight to Kilimanjaro was with KLM with a short layover in Amsterdam. the flights were good, service was great, inflight entertainment was excellent. overall, much much better then AA’s international flights.

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